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Interested in renting a property from us?

Here are some basic guidelines that we use to approve a tenant to rent one of our available properties:

How does the process work?: If you see one of our properties, and you like it and feel you will qualify, you can apply on-line right here on this website! It normally takes 2-3 business days to process your application, a little longer if your present or previous landlord does not respond promptly. We will process applications in advance of you seeing the property, but once we process your application there are no refunds and you will not be able to hold the unit without viewing it. Filling out the application fully and completely, and sending your ID and pay stubs for the last 2 pay periods will help you get a faster answer. You must pay the $35 per adult application fee to begin the process of screening. 


INCOME: The basic guideline is for gross income from all sources, before deductions, to be at least 3 times the rental amount. We add up all the income of everyone who will be signing and responsible for the lease. If you receive non-taxable income, such as retirement or child support, that income is also included and the basic guideline is 2 1/2 times the rent since there will not be deductions for taxes. Special circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis. All income received, regardless of the source of your income, will count as long as it is able to be verified. --  Homes eligible for section 8 financing will be identified in the ad. You will need pay-stubs, award letters, or court documents to prove your income amount.

-NOTE: If you do not have sufficient income, you may be able to get a co-signer to assist you in qualifying on some homes, or pay your rent in advance. 

-CREDIT: We understand that many people do not have perfect credit, and may have had a bankruptcy in the past. Our goal is that your credit is decent, with a history of paying your bills in a timely manner in the past 12 to 24 months without any collections from past rentals or landlords. If your credit does not meet this, and you qualify otherwise, you may, in some cases, be able to obtain a co-signer with good credit or place an extra security deposit to be considered. If you owe money to another landlord that may disqualify you from renting many of our homes. 


EVICTIONS: Absolutely no evictions filed or completed in the past 2 years. If you fell behind in your rent and your landlord filed eviction against you, even if you settled it or moved, it still shows as an eviction to us. If you have extenuating circumstances such as the loss of a job or a loss of family income, you may be able to overcome this, with special approval, by using a co-signer or paying extra security deposit or paying rent in advance. Each situation is different and its up to the discretion of the property owner. If you have a prior eviction but since then have been a good paying tenant, we would consider that as well! 


CRIMINAL RECORD:  We do not rent to sex offenders ever or felons that have major crimes in the past 10 years. Crimes of moral turpitude, domestic violence, or animal cruelty may get your application denied even if only a misdemeanor.  Minor crimes, misdemeanors, traffic offenses will not eliminate a prospect in all cases, and all criminal activity will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Applicants are evaluated on a case by case basis, and events more than 15 years ago carry less weight than newer activity.  


SMOKING & PETS: We do not allow smoking in any of our rental units, nor on the property, by residents or their guests. In some cases smoking may be allowed outside on certain units. Pets may be considered on some units, with additional fee. Dangerous breeds are not accepted. Tenants with are required to have renters insurance. 

If you have further questions go to the property showing and talk to the rental agent. 

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